I was born  in Halle, Germany, in 1962, where I went to school and lived for a long time.
After three years in the army (flight security of the air force) near the city of Neubrandenburg I studied astronomy and physics at the university in Jena to become a teacher.
For some years I was a teacher then, and the head of the little observatory in Halle at a kind of technologically and scientifically oriented youth center. Then the so called peaceful revolution and re-unification of Germany came and the new bosses closed down such a superfluous thing as a youth center. The observatory was demolished and I lost the job I had lived for.
I worked for a short time as a lecturer of adult pupils, then I was retrained as a marketing assistant. For 10 years I was trying to sell books and other things. Later I worked for a publishing house as an editor and proofreader, but sometimes in marketing too.
I am a writer and publicist, but this is more or less a hobby. When I can find the time I am writing science fiction, fantasy and horror. I started this at the age of 12 I think. I have been active as a science fiction fan too. 1989 I founded the Andromeda Science Fiction Club in Halle and started the fanzine SOLAR-X. Until 2006 I published together with other members of the club and a number of external contributors 180 issues of the fanzine. For some years they were even published monthly.
Since 1990 - when my first novel was published - I have written 25 books. Some of them have been published in English.
Today I am married and live near Berlin. I am working as a teacher again and as a publisher in my spare time.